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There is no more gratifying way to spend my professional time than with an open-minded, diverse team discovering the most creative and concise way to tell a story.

* E-Learning Instructional Design Certificate, UC Irvine

Articulate 360, Storyline, Whiteboard Animator, Adobe Premiere Pro

When I was an intern I followed the legendary President of NFL FILMS, Steve Sabol, until he hired me. 

After spending 15 years working for him and the National Football League,  I learned that sparkly never matters, only quality does.  

I was privileged to be trained by the best and carry those same standards of production value & creativity everywhere I go:

produced, directed & edited national spots, prime time specials, feature segments and corporate videos for the NFL, it's broadcast partners and sponsors--in a wide range of creative styles.


The experiences from rewarding projects (for ESPN, CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, Lifetime, Motorola, Pepsi, United Way, Red Cross, Youth Education Centers, NFL Network, SKY SPORTS) led me in search of even more varied content as a freelancer.


So, today, I travel the country & cirricula bringing world-renowned professors' courses to e-life through  documentary style storytelling.

I merge academia (working closely with deans, faculty and instructional designers) with documentary production teams (camera, editorial, graphics, animation) to produce high quality digital content for online education (universities & their sponsors or corporate partners such as GW, USC, Northwestern/Kellogg, The Gates Foundation).

From script to screen to publishing, my goal is to ensure dynamic learner experience.


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